KY-EF501 Unsintered Extruded PTFE Film


Unsintered extruded PTFE film is a versatile, high quality, unsintered PTFE film with flexibility, excellent dielectric strength, fire-resistance, anti-corrosion properties, which make it ideal materials for coil winding, high-temp wire & cable insulation, electric hookup wire in aerospace and military industries. The chemical resistance and microporosity of this film also makes it suitable for use in Zinc-air battery applications.


  • Flexibility, Easy Wrapping

  • Excellent Dielectric Strength

  • Flame Retardant

  • Excellent Chemical Property


  • Hi-temp Wire & Cable Insulation

  • Electric Hookup Wire in Aerospace and Military Industries

  • Zinc-air Battery Applications

Product Supply:

  • Width ≥5mm, Width tolerance: ±5%

  • Length ≥50m

  • Core ID:76mm(3") , Core materials: Paper or plastic

  • Packaging: Carton and Pallets