Electrical Nonwovens


Electrical Nonwovens we can supply includes electrical polyester non-woven(KY7031M), polyester & aramid non-woven fleece(KY7032M ), polyester non-wovens/PE composite( KY7033M ) , electrical polyester non-woven(polyester fleece)(KY7035M) , semi-conductive polyester non-woven(KY7037M ).

Types Available and Application:

1, Electrical polyester non-woven(KY7031M)

 made from 100% pure high-strength polyester fiber with non-oriented structure by hot-pressing and bonding process, with excellent impregnating property, good dielectric properties, widely used as DMD, Pregreg DMD, Mica tapes, etc.

2, Polyester & Aramid non-woven fleece(KY7032M )

made of mixed pure hi-strength polyester fiber with aramid fiber by hot pressing and bonding processing, besides the properties of KY7031M, it exhibits higher temp property because of aramid fiber, with higher temp resistant, excellent Impregnating etc. Widely used as liquid or gas filter, cleaning reel in copier, etc.

3, Polyester non-wovens/PE composite( KY7033M )

made of electrical polyester non-wovens(KY7031M) coated with polyethylene film, it exhibits waterproof, anti-oil, anti-alcohol, breathable and comfort performance, and it  can be effective to avoid the blood penetration and prevent the wound from infection by the dust and bacteria, widely used in the medicine industry, especially as the surgical gown application, with water proof, anti-oil, anti-alcohol etc. Widely used as protect the wound from infection by the dust and bacteria, etc.

4, Electrical polyester non-woven(Polyester Fleece)(KY7035M)

made from high-strength polyester fiber and bond, with excellent impregnating, light weight etc, widely used as insulation materials and wrapping materials for wire&cable,semiconducting cable and water blocking cable , etc.

5, Semi-conductive polyester non-woven(KY7037M)

made of 100% pure high-strength polyester fiber coated with semi-conductive bonder, with excellent Semi-conductive property, hi-strength property, widely used as separating or binding, shielding of the wire & cable conductors.

Product Supply:

  • Normal width: 1000mm, 1020mm,1830mm,2040mm; other slitting width is available upon request

  • Nominal length: 3000-5000m each roll according to different thickness

  • Max Roll OD: 540mm

  • Core ID:76mm(3") with Paper Core

  • Packaging: 90-150kgs per roll; 500kgs-900kgs/Pallet