Kymide KYPI-B Black Polyimide Film


Black Polyimide Film (KYPI-B) is a black homogeneous opaque film, which exhibits an excellent balance of physical, chemical, and electrical properties over a wide temperature range. The homogeneous pigmentation provides better color integrity against flexural cracking or abrasion in comparison to black coatings or dyes.


  • Black, Homogeneous Opaque Color

  • Pigmentation and Excellent Shielding Matt Surface

  • Easy Coating Property

  • Excellent Balance of Electrical, Chemical and Physical Properties


  • Black Shielding Polyimide Tape

  • High-temp Black Polyimide Label

  • LED Circuitry

  • Heaters

  • Applications Requiring Opacity, Low Reflectivity

Product Supply:

  • Thickness: 0.025~0.05mm

  • Width: 6.0~520mm

  • Roll OD: 200~250mm Pad roll, Transverse roll(universal roll)

  • Core ID:76mm(3") or 152mm(6" ), Core materials: Paper or plastic

  • Packaging: Carton and Pallets