The current international economic and social situation is complicated. As a part of China's economic development and the main body of market competition, we are also facing a new mission of development and upgrading. We must not only liberate from the traditional thinking that emphasizes resource cost and scale advantages, but also fully pay attention to quality assurance, technological innovation, people-oriented, environment-friendly, honesty and law-abiding, and mutual benefit and win-win.

How Can We Become a More Beneficial Enterprise for Society in the New Environment?


Adhere to the Priority of Quality and Stable Development.

Kying strictly follows the ISO9000 quality management system to control the whole process from raw materials to product shipments. Each link has perfect testing standards and detailed testing records. No abnormality is allowed to continue in each process and no details are missed. There are complete emergency plans and solutions to ensure the continuous operation of production and the stability of quality. The products are implemented in accordance with international standards, and the sample testing and sample management measures are specific and perfect, with a full set of advanced inspection equipments and devices to ensure the science and accuracy of data.


Adhere to the Leadership of Science and Technology, Innovation and Development.

Kying knows that innovation is the internal driving force of enterprise development. Since its establishment, we have introduced a large number of advanced production equipment at home and abroad, reformed and optimized production equipment for many times, and increased investment in new product research and development, in order to achieve industrial diversification, increase the added value of commodities, and enable enterprises to develop for a long time.
    Our breakthrough in R & D

    1. In 2002, a high temperature resistant semiconductor glass fiber board was successfully developed, which solved the problems of high temperature deformation, difficult processing and unstable semiconductor performance;

    2. In 2004, we successfully solved the key problems of polyimide film-coated fluororesin, such as low adhesion, instability, and uneven coating, and became the first and largest manufacturer in China to successfully enter the international market.

    3. In 2007, a new production method was innovated, which successfully solved the problems of uneven distribution of fibers on the surface of electrical polyester non-woven fabrics, non-softness, low wettability and low strength. CV value <2, silk-like softness, superior wettability, high strength, reaching the highest level in the industry. The company has launched various special non-woven fabrics;

    4. From 2010 to 2018, various modified polyimide fluorine-coated products were launched one after another, such as high temperature resistance, high wear resistance, corona resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high dimensional stability, high thermal conductivity, etc.

    5. 2020~now, a high-frequency high-temperature polyimide and fluorine material composite film for the 5G industry has been developed, with stable adhesion, excellent dimensional stability, and good processability, can be produced from roll to roll, solved the problem of difficult processing and explosion of customers.

    Our breakthrough in R & D
    1. More products for the 5G industry are being developed;

    2. Various products for new energy vehicles are being developed.

Adhere to People-Oriented and Shared Development.

Talents are the core resources of enterprise development. Kying respects talents, cherishes talents, and attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents. Kying provides employees with good welfare benefits and always gives them family-like care. From the beginning of employees' entry, we provide a series of induction training, product knowledge training, skill training, etc. and provide assistance in personal career planning, so that employees can better understand our industry, products and their own career development path, and promote employees progress.

Adhere to Environment-Friendly and Green Development.

The environment is the material basis of human production and life. Protecting the environment and the home where we lived has become the consensus of all mankind. Therefore, the company vigorously advocates energy saving and emission reduction, encourages "paperless office", water saving and electricity saving; try to use environmentally friendly raw materials, production processes and increased investment in environmental protection equipments. Strictly treated the waste air, waste water and waste materials in production process first and then discharged to try to reduce environmental pollution caused by industrial production. In addition, the company regularly organizes training and lectures on environmental protection, actively responds to the government's call, and cooperates with relevant departments to do a good job in garbage classification; promotes green travel, encourages public transportation and chooses new energy vehicles to commute, and try to reduce environmental pollution caused by employees' lives.

Adhere to Integrity, Law-Abiding, and Compliant Development.

For an enterprise to develop in the long run, law-abiding operation is the bottom line, and integrity management is the foundation of its existence. Strictly act according to the law, manage according to the law, operate according to the law, pay taxes according to the law, do not evade tax and evade taxes, strictly fulfill the contracts, contracts and commitments, carry out fair competition and mutually beneficial cooperation in accordance with the economic and market rules, establish and improve the relationship of mutual trust. Eliminate and resist counterfeit and shoddy goods, infringement of intellectual property rights, theft of trade secrets, and commercial fraud, etc. illegal behaviors. Integrity and law-abiding operation, maintaining market order, standardizing business behavior, strict industry self-discipline, and striving to be a faithful guardian of honesty and trustworthiness, discipline and law-abiding.


Adhere to Mutual Benefit and Win-Win, Open Development.

China's economic prosperity and the development of our enterprises are inseparable from reform and opening up, and the process of actively integrating into globalization. At present, although globalization still faces some obstacles and difficulties, we believe that as long as we have firm beliefs, we will surely be able to promote its development towards a more open, inclusive, ordinary benefited, balanced and win-win direction. Actively responding to the "Belt and Road" initiative, actively conducting dialogue and cooperation with international and overseas stakeholders, and jointly building a fair and sustainable global supply chain and a mutually beneficial and win-win global business cooperation model are our goals.