why choose us ?

All kinds of electrical insulation materials are available for meeting different application requirements, such as flame resistant, high-temperature, high-voltage, strong strength, anti-static, etc.

  • Flame resistant
  • High-temperature
  • High-Voltage
  • Strong Strength
  • Anti-static

Becasue of our founder’s serveral-generation working in insulation industry, we have very deep understanding of the electrical insulaton materials, with rich experiences&technologies and numerous resources.  All kinds of materials are available, and we also can customize materials according to your request. If you still can't find the suitable one, please let us know your request. Thank you!

Where to use?

Slot insulation, layer insulation and phase insulation in motors, transformers&generators; interlayer insulation in choke coils& dry-type transformers; insulation part or structure part in generator, motor and some other electrical equipments, etc.

Product list

Glass Fiber Sleeving & Tape

Glass fiber products we can supply includes Glass Fiber, Glass Cloth, Varnished Glass Cloth, Epoxy Fiberglass Grid, Electrical Fiberglass Textile Sleeving, Polyester Fiberglass Banding Tape, Non-Alkali Fiberglass Textile Tape.

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Polyester Film with General and Heat Shrinkable Type

Polyester film we can supply includes general type and heat shrinkable type.

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Electrical Nonwovens

Electrical Nonwovens we can supply includes electrical polyester non-woven(KY7031M), polyester & aramid non-woven fleece(KY7032M ), polyester non-wovens/PE composite( KY7033M ) , electrical polyester non-woven(polyester fleece)(KY7035M) , semi-conductive polyester non-woven(KY7037M ).

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