Rigid Laminated Sheets


Rigid laminated sheet is made of different base materials, such as paper, cotton cloth, glass cloth, impregnated with thermosetting resin, such as epoxy, phenolic, silicone or polyimide by lamination processing under heat and pressure, there are different kinds of sheets from thermal class B-H. Following table lists different types.


  • Excellent Electrical Insulation

  • Easy Machining


  • Insulation Part and Structure Part in Generator, Motor and Some Other Electrical Equipments


Products Thermal Class NEMA IEC
Phenolic Paper Laminated SheetEX/XP/XPCPFCP201/202/203/204
Phenolic Cotton Laminated SheetEC/CE/L/LEPFCC201/202/203/204
Epoxy-phenolic Glass Cloth Laminated SheetB~F  
Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated SheetFG10EPGC201
Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated Sheet (FV-0)FFR4EPGC202
Hi-strength Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated SheetFG11EPGC203
Hi-strength Epoxy Glass Cloth
     Laminated Sheet (FV-0)
Silicone Glass Cloth Laminated SheetHG7SiGC201/202
Unsaturation polyester glass mat laminated
Antistatic Glass Cloth Laminated SheetF  
Semiconducting Glass Cloth Laminated SheetF  
Polyami-imide Glass Cloth Laminated SheetH  
Polyimide Glass Cloth Laminated SheetH PIGC301
Modified Diphenylether Glass Cloth
     Laminated Sheet

Product Supply:

  • Area: 980mm x 1980mm (38” x 78”); 1020mm x 1220mm (40” x 48”); 1020mmx 2040mm (40” x 80”); 1220mm x 2470mm (48” x 97”)

  • THK: 0.5 ~ 120mm

  • Packaging: 500~700Kgs / pallet (plywood, plastic)

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