Kymide KYPIFCR Polyimide FEP Film with Corona Resistant


Polyimide FCR film (KYPIFCR) is CR type polyimide film with corona resistant property, coated with FEP resin on one side or double sides through the sintering process at high temperature, which combines the excellent properties of CR type polyimide film and FEP resin. Besides the properties of KYPIFEP, this film exhibits corona resistance.


  • High Corona Resistant Property

  • High Temperature Electrical Insulation

  • Cut-through Resistant

  • High Dielectric Strength

  • High Bond Strength


  • Wire Insulation for Tractor Motor

  • Generators

  • High-voltage Industrial Motors


KYPIFCR with 0.038mm thickness

Product Supply:

  • Width: 6.0~520mm

  • Roll OD: 200~250mm Pad roll, Transverse roll(universal roll), Kying-Pac roll

  • Core ID:76mm(3") or 152mm(6" ), Core materials: Paper or plastic

  • Packaging: Carton and Pallets


Above values are the accumulative typical ones by recognized testing method, but in order to ensure you to select our products properly, please refer to above specification and test the samples based on your using purpose or feel free to contact us for more details. Thanks!