KY-EF506H High-Strength Expanded PTFE Film for Microwave and Coaxial Cable


High-Strength Expanded PTFE Film(KY-EF506H) is much higher strength than KY-EF506 type, an expanded, low-density PTFE film designed for microwave and coaxial cable applications. The low dielectric constant and low loss characteristics of this film help to retain signal strength in high performance cable constructions. This film is easily applied with standard industry wrapping equipment and is typically shielded or jacketed to protect the dielectric qualities of the film.


  • High Strength

  • Flexibility, Easy Wrapping

  • Low Dielectric Constant and Low Loss for Assuring the Signal Strength


  • Microwave and Coaxial Cable

Product Supply:

  • Width ≥5mm, Width tolerance:±5%

  • Length≥50m

  • Core ID:76mm(3") , Core materials: Paper or plastic

  • Packaging: Carton and Pallets