Training of “Security Knowledge of Preventing Telecom Fraud”

Suzhou Kying Industrial Materials Co,Ltd.  2022-05-27 09:13:08 作者:SystemMaster
In view of the recent rampant crime committed by illegal fraudsters, which seriously endangers the people's property safety, in order to further improve staffs' awareness and ability to prevent fraud, improve their ability to identify new online fraud techniques and tricks, and protect personal and property safety, Kymler organized staffs to carry out a special training on "Security Knowledge of Preventing Telecom Fraud" on the afternoon of December 18, 2021.

At the same time, remind staffs not to disclose their identity information, bank card password and other important contents to strangers, and do not remit or transfer money to strangers.

Through this training, staffs have a new understanding of telecom fraud, a new understanding of the knowledge of preventing telecom fraud, and achieved good publicity and warning results.

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