Team building of Kying and Kymler in 2021

Suzhou Kying Industrial Materials Co,Ltd.  2022-05-27 17:20:17 作者:SystemMaster
On December 31, 2021, all staff of Kying company and Kymler company held a team building activity at the end of 2021 in Suzhou Taihu Cowboy Style Resort, in order for everyone to release work pressure and enhance team cohesion after busy work.

The team building mainly carried out the indoor curling challenge. All members were divided into four groups for competition, which exercised the flexibility of the body and the ability to control strength, as well as the adaptability, judgment and  the ability to grasp the opportunity. Outdoor activities were held in the afternoon. Through team cooperation, the goal setting and persistence and the desire for victory were highly unified, showing unity and cooperation, strategy and tactics and perseverance in the competition.

The development of the company's corporate culture activities reflects the company's humanistic concept of caring for staff, deepening the unity and communication between staff, not only enriching the knowledge and interest of the corporate culture, but also harvesting positive energy.

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