Special Training on Safety Production in Kymler

Suzhou Kying Industrial Materials Co,Ltd.  2022-05-27 15:04:52 作者:SystemMaster
In order to further implement the company's safety production responsibility, effectively improve the safety production awareness and production management level of the company's safety management personnel as well as production workers, also in order to prevent the occurrence of various accidents, the human resources department carried out special training on safety production on the morning of January 5.

The training is mainly through the explanation of safety knowledge, the display of some accident pictures, and the analysis of some safety accident cases in the past of the company. Everyone is required to study carefully and learn from it, so as to ensure their own safety, ensure the safety of colleagues and company property at the same time.

The training has further improved the safety ideology, quality and skills of the company's staff, timely understood the laws, regulations and policy priorities of work safety, improved the safety management level of the enterprise, and fully mobilized the initiative of the enterprise to improve the essential level of work safety and prevent all kinds of accidents.

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